Karen A Young Igniting Professional Excellence



Keynotes and consulting to take your people and your organization to the next level.

With decades of real-world experience in learning what makes people and organizations tick, Karen A. Young will ignite the fire that results in a drama-free workplace and sought-after professionals!

Karen A Young

Karen provides proof that highly respected leaders are vulnerable and that failure and adversity are key ingredients for making it to the pinnacle of becoming ‘sought after.’”

Kate Kohler

President, Staub & Associates, LLC

The business world is filled with countless superstars who have so much to offer but are simply never noticed. Karen has created the ‘roadmap’ for those hidden superstars.”

Warren Zeiser

Respected Speaker, Coach & Consultant

Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader in Harrisburg, PA

Drawing from decades of hands-on experience delving into the heartbeat of individuals and organizations, Karen A. Young is not just a keynote speaker; she is a motivator and catalyst for transformation. Karen kindles the flames that lead to harmonious work environments and professionals who are in high demand.

Karen doesn’t just talk about igniting change—she lives it. Through her dynamic presentations, she brings to life the essence of a drama-free workplace and the makings of professionals who are not just sought after—but revered.

Are you ready to share Karen’s passion for pursuing excellence?