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Coupling her extensive experience with her characteristic wit, Karen’s books will keep you turning the page on your journey to excellence!

Karen A Young Sought After How to Be Heard Be Trusted and Be Recognized for Your Expertise
Karen A Young Honest and Real Essential Guidebook to Drama-Free Human Resources

5 Reasons to Book Karen


Your audience doesn’t need to endure another boring keynote.
Karen is relatable, personable, and draws audiences in with actual experiences and personal anecdotes.


Your audience is looking for inspiration.
Your people may know what they know, but they don’t know that they’re missing the spark to become next-level and sought-after.


Your audience needs someone they can trust.
Karen has been honing her professional craft for more than 30 years. Practically speaking, she’s seen it all and knows what she’s talking about.


Your audience wants immediately implementable information (the triple I).
Karen makes sure audiences walk away with knowledge they can start applying right away.


Your audience is ready to be fired up!
Good-bye complacency, hello enthusiasm! Karen moves audiences from where they are to where they want to be!