Sought-After: How to Be Heard, Be Trusted, and Be Recognized for Your Expertise

Every employee the world over wants the opportunity to be heard, be trusted, and be recognized for their expertise. That’s what Karen A. Young calls “sought-after.” Not everyone wants to be promoted to president or be invited to lead the next corporate retreat, but everyone wants to be trusted and have their contributions recognized.

In Sought-After, Karen A. Young covers the four building blocks of becoming sought-after:

  • Know Your Stuff
  • Know Their Stuff
  • Know the Audience
  • Be Flexible

Filled with personal anecdotes, insights from sought-after experts in various fields, and practical exercises, Karen shows you the path to doing more, being more, achieving more and serving more!

Honest and Real: An Essential Guidebook to Drama-Free Human Resources

If you’re ready to reduce the drama surrounding HR in your company, look no further. Karen A. Young has scripted engaging content that gives you the knowledge and insight you need to care for your employees – and your company – efficiently and effectively. The result? Employees who are happy and productive. Karen provides a framework that allows you to implements solid HR policies and procedures, which in turn will reduce drama and limit the time spent on incidents, disruptions, and turnover, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

The potential for career-defining moments lies right around every corner. Learn from the masters who will help you shortcut the system, avoid the landmines, and circumvent the roadblocks. Sought-After offers the perfect recipe and mindset for long-term career success and professional development. Karen A. Young makes the journey enjoyable, entertaining, and most important, human. Enjoy the ride!”

Paul Falcone

Author, The Paul Falcone Workplace Leadership Series