Karen has been a constant learner, has surrounded herself with the right people, and has applied the fortitude to use her functional expertise to do the right thing—without the rigidity that is so often associated with subject-matter experts who ‘know their stuff’ but don’t understand the full business contexts of the people they serve.”

Amey Sgrignoli

President & CEO, Belco Community Credit Union

Karen uses insights from her experiences to provide compelling tales of learning, plus reflection opportunities, moments for renewal, and sound recommendations. You will gain additional insights into yourself as a professional and you will be equipped to attract new opportunities as a result of learning how to navigate and persist more effectively in your craft.”

John J. Sygielski

President, HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College

The potential for career-defining moments lies right around every corner. Learn from the masters who will help you shortcut the system, avoid the landmines, and circumvent the roadblocks. Sought-After offers the perfect recipe and mindset for long-term career success and professional development. Karen A. Young makes the journey enjoyable, entertaining, and most important, human. Enjoy the ride!”

Paul Falcone

Author, The Paul Falcone Workplace Leadership Series

Karen A. Young has created the ‘roadmap’ for hidden superstars. Real talk, direct, and very actionable. Professionals at every level will benefit from the guidance offered by someone who has truly lived it.”

Warren Zeiser

Respected Speaker, Coach & Consultant

Karen Young has created a practical and sustainable guide for those desiring to do what it takes to become sought-after. It is a learning platform, a springboard forward to a future possibility for those willing to see, seize and create opportunity. The building blocks are here. The implementation is up to you.”

Steve Gilliland, CSP, CPAE

Bestselling Author and Member of the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame

Karen provides proof that highly respected leaders are vulnerable and that failure and adversity are key ingredients for making it to the pinnacle of becoming ‘sought after.’”

Kate Kohler

President, Staub & Associates, LLC

Karen was engaging speaker. I enjoyed the stories she told, but also that she had concrete lessons learned to share with us..”

Audience Member

SHRM Annual Conference

Her suggestions were to the point and real-world actionable steps that I can use today.”

Audience Member

SHRM Annual Conference

Karen directly spoke to deeply disappointing and even traumatic points in her career as part of her presentation. I know first-hand how difficult that can be, and her honesty and courage added tremendous value to her presentation.”

Audience Member

SHRM Annual Conference